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March 8th, 1847 was born Ndue Bytyci, teacher and translator

The teacher, writer and translator from Kosovo, Ndue Bytyci, were born in a village near Skopje, on March 8th, 1847. After the completion of Shkodra Jesus College, he served as a priest in Skopje, Prizrenin, Peja and elsewhere. Besides the duty of the spiritual preacher, he teaches the Albanian language and for the young believers. Ndue Bytyci was persecuted for his patriotic spirit and the objections that expressed against the anti-national policies of foreigners. For this, in 1898, he was sacked for his job. His protest against the social inequality and the largest poverty he reflected in the poetry “Lugat” and “Memleqeh”. Most of his poems are included in the volume “Shahiri Ellez”, which was published in 1887. Ndue Bytyci, was the first translator that has brought in Albanian “Psallmet e Davidit”, emphasizing with this the need of preaching in Albanian in our churches.

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