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6 June 1920, the newspaper “Light” writes “all the countries, except Llogara, fell into the valiant attacks of the Albanians”

For the events of the great Epopan of Vlora, we are bringing a fragment from the correspondence published in the 11th edition of the newspaper “Drita” in Gjirokastra, June 6, 1920, “all the places, except Llogara …, wrote the newspapers, fell in In all these wars the Italians gave nearly 700 people, including General Goth, Colonel Kavalo and many officers, nearly 1,000 wounded, among whom Colonel Kalmini and more than 1500 They fell into captivity, with over 200 of them in charge of the Albanians, 9 balls, more than 50 machine guns, nearly 1,000 horses, an indefinable quantity, hospital supplies and ammunition, and hundreds of phone machines. “

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