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March 5th, 1919 “Dielli” newspaper writes: the Albanian hopes remain only in America

After the disintegration of Austro-Hungary, at the Peace Conference in Paris, as writes, on March 5th, 1919 the newspaper “Dielli”, which was published by our expatriates in Boston, Albanians could be supported only on American diplomacy. The journal reproduces an article of the Greek newspaper “Ethenikos Qirikis”, published in New York. Its correspondent writes that France and England want that Toskëria to join the Greece. Against this was expressed America. “US representatives, emphasizes the Greek newspaper says that Korça, is the center of Albanian culture and for this reason it is not possible to separate it away from Albania. This attitude of Americans owed the influence of American missionaries in the East, who have not ever sympathized Greeks”. The Greek newspaper was forced to confess, that even Venizelos finally admitted that locals Northern Epirus are Albanians, but want to join with Greece.

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