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March 5th, 1905 was born the famous Albanian boxer, Rafail Dishnica

On March 5th, 1905 was born the Albanian boxer Rafail Dishnica. He spent his childhood in Fier and then moved to Dishnica, Korca. In 1924 he migrated to Greece and then to Argentina, where began his career. There he became champion of the middle weight and then champion of Argentina and of all Latin America. In every match that participated, he put the condition that in addition of Dishnica surname should be used the second surname “Albanezi”.  In 1932 he returned to Albania after numerous victories in all European prize rings. After the liberation he worked as coach of Albanian Boxing Federation and prepared generations of boxers. On the 90th anniversary of his birth, on March 5th, 1992, was awarded with the high the title “emeritus master of Sports” and with his name were baptized several sports activities.

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