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5 August 1923, was died our patriot Pandeli Çala

In Thessaloniki, on August 5, 1923, died our patriot, activist of the National Renaissance and Independence years, Pandeli Çala. He received the first lessons at the French Lyceum in Egypt. He graduated from the University of Cairo. As a student, he engaged in the patriotic movement of Albanian emigrants in Egypt, Turkey and Romania. In 1908, he is among the active participants of the Congress of Monastery, member of the Committee on Freedom of Albania. Pandeli Çala was a pen and a rifleman when it was needed. In 1908, he gave his valuable contribution to the establishment and development of the artistic and patriotic activity of the spirit band “Liria” of Korça, and when the general anti-Ottoman uprisings that led to the raising of the flag in Vlora, he organized war cuts for freedom and He himself lined up with gunfire and fought alongside Muharrem Rushiti and his cet to operate in Chameria. He participated in the shacks of Lushnja, Vlora and Cakran, representing freedom fighters in the Sinja Assembly, signing the act of Independence in the Vlora Assembly on 28 November 1912.

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