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On January 29th, 1888, died the painter Edward Lear

On January 29th, 1888 died the British painter and draftsman Edward Lear, who in 1848 was in our country and visited Tirana, Kruja, Shkodra, Kavaja, Berat, Himara, Vlora, Tepelena and Gjirokstra. From his brush came much lithography with lot of colours that reflect the view of these cities. These works were published in the book “Ditari i një piktori pejsazhist në Shqipëri”, which was published in London in 1851. A year later the British artist published another volume “Ditari i një piktori pejsazhist në Kalabrinë e Jugut”, where we face many lithographs depicting the Arbëresh villages.

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