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28 August 1750, Theopan Popa brings in the Albanian language the inscription in the Church of St. Kolli of Voskopoja

The prominent scholar of our medieval culture and art, Theofan Popa, has brought in the inscription on the southern gate of the church of St. Kolli of Voskopoja, where it is said that it is painted by iconographers Constantine and Athanas Zografi on August 28, 1750. The church itself is one of our most valuable monuments of medieval Albanian culture and art, while the series of wall paintings that brings us the sights of Joan’s Apocalypse, or the final trial of the sinners and the end of our world, is unique in our iconographic art; this topic has not been treated by any other Albanian painter. After the horrific tablets that reflect the captured Balkans by the Ottomans, the idea of the heavenly kingdom is hidden, the idea of hope for a free Albania and Balkans.

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