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27 June 1907, was born in Korca, the pedagogue and lawyer, Nikollaq Stralla

The professor and lawyer, Nikollaq Stralla, was born in Korca on June 27th, 1907. After completing the Lycée of Korca, he attended the University of Montpellier, the faculty of history and law, with excellent results. With two diplomas, he returns from France to Homeland and is appointed as a history teacher at the Normal Women’s School in Korca. At the same time, he realizes in hometown a dense cultural artistic activity. In 1933, he was appointed director of the Male City School of Korca. In the years of invasion of Albania, as an anti-fascist, he was dismissed, but in 1941 resumed his work at Korca Lycée. After liberation, he gave lessons at Vlora Trade School. During the years 1955-1967, he practiced the profession of lawyer until he retired. He has left some historical studies that were published in 1974. For his great work as a lecturer, lawyer and scholar, Nikollaq Stralla, was decorated with the First Class “Naim Frasheri” Order.

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