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26 May 2001, past away the writer and journalist Lazar Siliqi

The writer and journalist Lazar Siliqi died on May 26th,2001. He was born in Shkodra in 1924. He attended the high school studies at the Maksim Gorki Literature Institute in Moscow. The first writings he published in 1943, in the magazine “Liri”, the body of the illegal press of the anti-fascist Youth of Shkodra. With journalism and publicity, it was taken after liberation. For many years, he has been editor-in-chief of the League of Writers and Artists, of the magazine “Nentori” and the newspaper “Drita”, where over many years have been published many of his writings. His poetry holds the poems “Resurrection”, “Prishtina”, “Teacher”, “Borizanët”, “Vjersha dhe poema”, ” Rruga e lumturisë “, etc. He has also published the book of the first Albanian opera , “Mrika” with the music of Prenk Jakova. The opera was shown for the first time in Shkodra in December 1958.


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