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23 April 1985 died Sergei Jutkeviç, the producer of the film “Skanderbeg”

The generation of old Albanian filmmakers, remembers Sergei Jutkeviçin, who gave the first contribution to the development of the Albanian cinematography, and many of them, who followed his studies in Moscow, are his students. Jutkeviçi, which broke away from the great world of art, on April 23rd, 1985, was famous as a producer, painter and art theorist. He has left a variety of documentaries and feature films, which are valued at national and international festivals. Sergei Jutkeviçi is the producer of the film “Luftëtari i madh i Shqipërisë — Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu”, which was awarded the International Film Festival in Cannes, in 1954. For his contribution for the world of cinematography, Sergei Jutkeviçi in 1982, was awarded with the Jubilee price of the International Film Festival in Venice. In the same year, he took four state awards. He has left a series of works for the art and cinematography, works devoted to the countries that he visited and worked.

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