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22 March 2017. Exhibition on the occasion of Imam Ali birth, at the Holy See to the Bektashi World Headquarter

Under the care of the Head of the Bektashi World Headquarter Dede Baba Edmond Brahimaj, on the occasion of Imam Ali birth, will organize a several of activities in the Bektashi World Headquarter in Tirana. On March 20th, it will be held a scientific session. The exhibition of 22 March, the fair, the Bektashi concert, the ritual of planting flowers and trees, the culinary presentation of Bektashi families on the occasion of Sultan Novruz, etc., will be part of the activities.

The specialists of Museology Mr. Enver Kushi and Mrs Sotiroulla Hoxha, today had a discussion with the Honorary President of QMKSH, Mr. Shpëtim Sala. As part of the exhibition at the Bektashi World Headquarter, QMKSH will contribute with some publications in Ottoman language of Sami Frasher, books and other publications of Frashëri brothers, rare photographs, flags, some writings from Ferit Vokopola manuscripts, etc.

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