22 March 1895, in Paris was performed the first movie in the world, after 10 years this happened in Albania

22 March 1895 marked the birth of the “Seventh Art”. Lui and August Lymjerë brothers have shown in Paris, the first movie in the world. The film was 17 meters and lasted about 120 seconds. The first Albanian filmmakers have been Janaq and Milto Manaqi, who filmed the Albanian films in the early years of the last century. So in 1906, they filmed “Lojna e kostume popullore “, and a year later, “Patriotë të varur nga pushtuesit “. The chronicle that came up today is called “Tjerrëset “, the shot in 1905, only 10 years after the brothers had designed Lymjerë the first movie in Paris.”Spinning” is the first film shot in Balkan by Milto Manaki so our compatriot is the first filmmaker in the Balkan.