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20th, October 1936 was born Prof. Dr Efthim Dodona

A publication by Efthim Dodona

The micro paleontologist-geologic, Professor and Doctor of Science, Efthim Dodona, was born in Drenova, Korca on October 20th, 1936. He finished the Oil Technicum in Kucova, and then he pursued his studies at the University of Moscow and Tirana, at the Faculty of Geology and Mining. A busy life with work and studies, he worked as a geologist but has given and lectures too, preparing new generations of geologists. Is the author and coauthor of several university textbooks , even of numerous articles and books of study, for our history and for our ancient original culture, for Faik Konica and other distinguished figures of our nation. The auditors of the University and National Library were for him the second refuge.

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