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20 May 1837, today commemorated Alush Frakulla

Today is commemorated Alush Frakulla, leader of the anti-Ottoman village uprisings in the province of Myzeqe. Unhappy with the centralization of the Tanzimat, in May 1835, in charge of the rural insurgents, seized state law. It was the initiator and organizer of the Porteza Assembly, where representatives of the rebel provinces were gathered and the platforms and demands of the uprising were drafted. There it was decided that the country would be governed by local chiefs. Following the Assembly, Alush Frakulla attacked for Berat’s taking. But in the fighting that took place in Frakull, in front of the Ottoman Ottoman army of 5,000 people, he was raped, raped and sentenced to heavy work in Turkey, where he died, on May 20, 1837.

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