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19 June 1988, passed away the artist and screenplay Marie Logorec

The prominent Albanian scene and screenwriter, Marie Logoreci, “Pop Artist’s Artist” passed away on June 19, 1988. She was born in Shkodra, a cultured and patriotic family. Even home-education took her, she threw down and the first steps on stage, there she was linked to the National Liberation War. After joining in Tirana, she became one of the first Albanian microphone composers, she was a singer, but also played with the theater troupe. There, director Pandi Stillu, discovered dramatic talent and drew it to the National Theater. The first role on stage, played in 1947, followed by 50 other roles, one more prominent than the other. From its beginnings, she appeared as an artist with a wide range of performers. For many years, he played the leading role in the first roles of Albanian and foreign parts. His origins are full of wisdom, the master of the emergence of momentum and at the same time the content of the soul and the feelings of the Albanian woman and mother. Logoreci made Loken, Ndrek Lucas, an immortal, tragic and magnificent figure, a century-old monument to Albanian women. She, with that passion played in Shakespeare’s tragedies, the plays of Chekhov and Molier’s comedies, with the same passion and dedication, performed on the stage but on the screen, on the microphone and on the television. So she, with her unmatched talent, remains among us alive among the living. With her roles, “People’s Artist” has entered and occupies an honorable place in the Albanian Art Pantheon as part of our national indentity.

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