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14 June 1932, was born the engineer Virgjil Budo

In a small family, Elbasan , on June 14, 1932,  was born Virgjil Budo. He graduated from geology and devoted his entire life to studying and researching the Albanian subterranean treasures. From university auditors, geological research began in Bulqiza. Later, he worked as chief engineer at the Geological Survey Company of Tirana, in the Scientific Sector of the Faculty of Geology and Mining. The main objective in Virgjil Budo’s studies and research has been the chromium ore and especially the gold quest. Thirty years ago, he was traced to precious metal footprints on river beds, rocks, and sulfur-ore sources in Roxton, Quebec and elsewhere. He is a co-author of the thematic-generalizing study to clarify the content of gold in the perspective areas of Librazhd, Mirdita, Lezha, Puka and nickel-copper-sulfur-platinum regions in the perspective areas of Mat and Librazhd.

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