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February 13th, 1958 was born Elisabeta Karabolli sportswoman, European champion in shooting

Elisabeta Karabolli the prominent shooter was born in Tirana on February 13th, 1958. She was educated in capital, where she followed the Faculty of Economics and was graduated in finance branch. Since she was at school, she was involved with the shooting team “Partizani” setting a new national record of updates, with 374 points. The first success was followed by many others, inside and outside the country that made her famous. In 1977, the competition that was held in Rome, she was considered the European Champion. A year later she took the second place in Finland, while in 1979 in Frankfurt of Germany she took the first place by winning the title of European champion. She reached a great victory in the Mediterranean Games in 1993, where she won two gold and two silver medals. For several years Elisabeta Karabolli, practiced the profession of trainers preparing new generation shooter.

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