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12 August 1860, died the French painter Aleksandër Deka

Alexander Deka, among the most prominent French painters, has been named as a specialist of the East scenes. We could add that he is one of the foreign specialists of Albanian scenes. In the last years of his life, he collaborated with Kamil Korone, another pillar of French painting that left the well-known “Albanian” image and apparently inspired and encouraged each other for Albanian-based works. It was at this time that the “Albanian Dancers”, one of the masterpieces of the painter, which is being preserved today at the Brest Museum, came out of the decade of Deca. The work is exhibited in the Louvre of Paris and in other museums, is reproduced, in many catalogs and albums. In the rich creativity of Deca, there are also other works of Albanian theme, such as “Albanian Women with Children”, “Albanian Warriors”, “Peacemakers”, etc. The great painter, who worked so hard for the presentation of Albania and Albanian in Europe and the World, died at the age of 57 on August 12, 1860.

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