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10 January 1933, was born Valentina Objektova (Çollaku)


Valentina Objektova (Çollaku), was only 8 years old when she heard for the death of her father, Jacob, in the battle for the defense of Moscow; she was born on January 10th, 1933. In 1960 Vala left Moscow and her mother and came to Tirana to establish her ‘nest’. In the small and poor town she found a large family; she had a grandmother, a mother and a father, three sisters and two brothers. She was adapted very soon with the new life; learned the language, customs and even the Albanian cuisine. She gave birth to Victor and Mimoza and took care for them as all the mothers. She briefly worked as a typist in the field of geology, but working in Radio Tirana, as a translator and announcer was a special event for her.

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