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1 March 1913, was held in Trieste the Great Congress of Albanian colonies; chairman Faik Konica

In Trieste, on March 1st, 1913 was held the Great Congress with representatives from all the Albanian colonies; of the United States, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Trieste, etc. As  chairman was elected Faik Konica. Among the delegates were distinguish the personalities such as Xhuzepe Skiroi, Hil Mosi, Fazli Toptani, Abdi Toptani, Prince Albert Gjika, Nuzet Vrioni, Luigj Gurakuqi, Pandeli Evangjeli, Sotir Kolea, etc. The Congress lasted 3 days. It adopted a resolution welcoming the Government of Vlora and the support to the Albanian issue. Austria and Italy protested against the Greek and Serbian cruelties in Albania, seeking the removal of the Greek blockade, was expressed for an independent Albania, a European prince at the head with the ethnic borders include Kosovo, Ioanina, Chamuria to Preveza. At the Congress of Trieste were also many foreign correspondents.

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